Shortened URLs and compelling CTAs made easy with Lynxa

Lynxa is one of the fastest growing businesses in the UK, helping individuals and businesses increase brand awareness and drive conversions simply by using shortened links. The company is known as a powerful tool used to overlay your own message on any piece of shared content, creating the ability to include calls to action and branded forms even on curated content.

UK – Lynxa is a popular tool used by many companies to increase brand awareness on different platforms. Using this tool, people can easily create branded shortened links and also drive conversions by adding a call to action or a simple message at the top of shared pages, even if it’s not yours. The company provides services to make corporate branding and awareness more accessible using “CTA Wrapped Content”, “Customized Social Bio”, “Link Rotator”, “Link Customization”, and more Again.

With the single shortening tool, customers can track everything, like number of clicks, country, or referrer. Among the best link shorteners, the company also provides integration for various platforms, including “WordPress”, “LinkedIn”, “Twitter” and more. Built with founders and SMBs in mind, the company offers a cost-effective solution and unparalleled services. Lynxa also provides Apis for developers.

The company is also helping design a customizable QR code to increase reach and engagement.

Using Lynxa, people can create their social media bios – This is great for platforms like Instagram where users can only share one link in their profile. With Lynxa, you can share a link, which leads to a simple page to consolidate all important links, videos and images in one place to make their business stand out from competitors. The company also participates in the design of a customizable QR code to increase reach and engagement.

One of the company representatives said, “Drive Conversions with Built-in Shortened Links CTA – We’re the best URL shortener available. With one huge difference – We don’t just shorten links. We allow users to include a call to action with every link they share. It also allows you to overlay content on the destination site. This is great when you want to send subscribers to third-party content without disengaging them.

About Lynxa:

Lynxa is a powerful and unique tool used to shorten links and overlay your own branding on every piece of content you share. Ideal for those of us who use content curation to meet the ever-increasing demand for content. Enterprise is the right choice for marketing and business growth and is the perfect ally for your next digital marketing campaign. Lynxa also has a dedicated team that is on hand and happy to help companies create their go-to-market strategy.

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