Skull Session: Garrett Wilson and Chrs Olave will be drafted early, Ohio State recruiting has been better than usual and the coaches are paranoid creatures

Friendly reminder that I am not personally participating in No Funny Lie Day.

If I wanted to tell a harmless lie for my own enjoyment, I would almost certainly choose any other day. Today I’m going to keep it very 100 with you all (as the kids said) – just like future sports announcer Dawand Jones.

I didn’t know I needed to attend Dawand Jones as a TV commentator, but apparently I do.

Word of the day: To trick.

THOSE BUCKEYE RECEIVERS, HOWEVER. Turns out, NFL teams liked what they saw last season when Garrett Wilson and Chris Olave spent the entire season torching hapless defensive backs like arsonists with expensive homeowners insurance policies.

I don’t really know what that means, especially since Garrett Wilson is quite regularly mocked at being picked in the top 10 picks. So I don’t know what even “MUCH sooner than people think” would be – but that’s what I’m here for!

Honestly, after watching Ja’Marr Chase transform the Cincinnati Bengals from a four-win team into a single-handed Super Bowl contender, I wouldn’t be shocked to see a lot of teams trying to create similar magic this year. .

PEAK OF PARANOIA. There is perhaps not a group of people on the planet more constantly paranoid than the head coaches of college football and we had another example of that this week.

South Florida head coach Jeff Scott has decided not to allow the team’s spring game to be streamed online because he fears opponents will gain an advantage based on a single scrum five months before the start of the season.

His logic is basically that they have a group of transfer players they want to keep secret in Houston – as if the internet didn’t exist and Houston would be completely unable to find any tape on those players at their previous destination.

The reality is that there is surely a very slight competitive advantage gained here – you are making life at least a bit more difficult for your future opponent. But if a single open scrum in the spring is decisive enough that you feel the need to stop people watching it online, that probably says more about you as a coach.

HOT ON THE TRAIL. Ohio State has been in the top 5 in class three of the past four years, and even the 2019 class (which only ranked 14th nationally) was No. 3 in average rookie rankings.

And yet, the 2022 class was still good enough to raise the average.

I don’t know what it really means when three-quarters of all Power Five teams are also on this list. It would seem that inflation has also affected recruitment odds. But Ohio State is in the good part of the rankings, so it’s my duty as Buckeye Blogger to share it with you all.

BIG RECRUITMENT WEEKEND. Speaking of recruiting, Ohio State is going to host more talented teens than an American Idol audition in the early 2000s this weekend with *five* five-star receivers, a pair of five-star quarterbacks, a five-star corner and many more are all heading to Campus.

If you need a little introduction, Garrick has you covered.

Priority recruits from the 2023 and 2024 classes will be on campus, and there is no shortage of five- and four-star players in Columbus. With such a big weekend on the horizon, let’s explore some of the best case scenarios that could unfold. Spoiler alert: Most of them are about athletes from Florida.

Here’s hoping we can use that red banner a few times this weekend.

KEEP YOUR HEAD ON A SWIVEL, BRUTUS. In honor of Saturday’s Student Appreciation Day, I think it’s important to return to this absolute gem.

Here’s hoping Brutus gets a walnut-sized anthropomorphic helmet if he decides to participate in full-contact drills this year.

Also, in a world of overly search engine optimized titles all over the World Wide Web, I really appreciate the simple and sweet title “Brutus Gets Leveled” we have here.

A+ everywhere. No notes.

SONG OF THE DAY. “Paranoid” by Black Sabbath.

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