Some Diablo Immortal Players Are Having Their Resource Packs Uninstalled

Diablo Immortal players are reporting that resource packs needed to play the game are suddenly disappearing from their devices.

Blizzard Entertainment Diablo Immortal launched very recently, and it seems that the player base has already found many problems with the video game. Community feelings about Diablo ImmortalUncapped microtransactions are being shared online, while cheating seems to have already hit the PVP aspect of the game. Now players are reporting that the resource pack downloads needed to run the game have suddenly been uninstalled from their devices.

Diablo ImmortalLaunch week seemed to be off to a good start. Although some of the game’s servers, especially in Southeast Asia, were not yet available on the June 2 release date, Diablo Immortal launched very early on mobile devices. This gave mobile gamers who weren’t able to participate in beta testing the chance to finally experience the game, battle system, and other features. However, it’s been less than a week since its launch, and Diablo Immortal Already suffers from many issues that Blizzard absolutely needs to address and resolve.


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On the Diablo Immortal subreddit user FamousWrongdoer started a thread that shared how they started their game only to find that their resource packs seemed to have magically disappeared. These resource packs are needed before beginners can start playing Diablo Immortal, and often have large file sizes due to the amount of information they contain. The community can only imagine Redditor’s frustration at having to re-download these files just to be able to continue reading where they left off. According to FamousWrongdoer, they tried several times to use the in-game client repair option, but failed to repair their game.

One of the replies on the Redditor thread shared that this bug happened to them when they cleared the game cache on their device. They fixed the problem by re-downloading the entire game. Unfortunately, it seems FamousWrongdoer isn’t the only one Diablo Immortal player missing their resource packs. There are several other threads in the subreddit talking about the same thing Diablo Immortal publish. At the moment, the most common solution is for players to re-download Diablo Immortal on their devices.

With Blizzard facing numerous issues in Diablo Immortal Beyond quality of life fixes, developers may take some time to release patch updates to help fix these issues. Hopefully the team acts quickly and other members of the game community don’t find their missing resource packs. Players can only continue to download 8-10 GB of files before giving up in frustration.

Diablo Immortal is available on Mobile and PC.

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Source: Reddit

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