Spooky Season, Social NFTs, and Coke’s “Real Magic”


Ayzenberg junior strategist Ashley Otah exposes the latest trends at play in the world of culture and entertainment.

Coca Cola

In the first new platform since 2016, Coke’s global “Real Magic” campaign kicked off with a new ad titled “A Coke far from each other. “Focusing on Gen Z and gamers, the video presents the dichotomies between the virtual landscape and unity in the digital age. Although a divided camp has formed regarding its reception, many note that it is aligning itself. on the brand’s previous themes.


TikTok and Twitter are attacking NFTs. While Twitter consolidates a new NFT authentication process, TIC Tac decided to team up with celebrities, designers and more to release a collection. Expect to see similar integrations and deployments from platforms soon.

Club house

Clubhouse now allows users to record streams, share and download clips, etc. The new features called ‘reruns‘ and ‘clips‘aims to align with similar offerings from Twitter Spaces and Spotify Greenroom. As the space becomes more competitive, interactivity and personalization become more and more imperative.

“Scary season”

Fear not, fall is finally here. While people cannot quite identify who coined the term, a deep dive into the World Wide Web shows the rise of “Scary season. “By dubbing things ‘Spooky Spice Lattes’, ‘Spooky Baskets’, and more, brands are catching up and capitalizing on people’s love for”Scary season. “


Tap into TikTok. Square the partners with the platform to allow its TikTok for Business users to promote and sell on the video app. Social commerce is booming and doesn’t seem to be slowing down as more people want fast, easy, and integrated shopping experiences.

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