Spotify Clickable Podcast Ads Can Finally Free Hosts From Spelling Long URLs

Angela Lang / CNET

Spotify deploy a new type of advertising format during podcasts, call-to-action cards, which can give podcasters a break from having to spell out URLs and coupon codes letter by letter during their commercial breaks whenever they want to tie specialty offers to listeners like you.

The advertising cards, announced in a blog post on Thursday, are Spotify interactive podcast ads for the first time. Podcasts are a format that has long been based on downloads that were immutable once parked on your device. But as Spotify has focused on non-musical audio like podcasts for the past couple of years, it has invested in different types of ads with more flexibility because they are part of a stream rather than a stream. download. The new maps mean podcast advertising on Spotify can expand from something that can’t be heard, to something you can see – and click on it, too.

These ads, known as abbreviated CTA cards, will appear in the Spotify app as soon as the ad starts serving. They combine a visual banner with clickable options, which means podcasters won’t have to recite promo codes or specialized web addresses, and you won’t have to work so hard to remember them. The same CTA cards will also reappear later when using the Spotify app.

This is the latest in a line of tools Spotify has rolled out for podcasters over the past year that allow them to interact more directly with fans, including video podcasts, Q&A, and surveys.

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