T-Mobile delays shutdown of Sprint’s CDMA network


T-Mobile said on Friday it would extend the planned shutdown of Sprint’s old CDMA network by three months. It now plans to shut down the network at the end of March, rather than January 1, 2022.

Why is this important: The move follows complaints from Dish Network that shutting down the network will hurt millions of its customers who own devices that still access the old network.

What they say : In a statement, T-Mobile says it must shut down the old network to create more bandwidth for 5G, but said extending support for three months will not materially affect its plans. T-Mobile added that it has done its part to transition old Sprint customers to its network.

  • “Recently, it has become increasingly clear that some of these partners have failed to live up to their responsibility to help their customers get through this change,” T-Mobile said Friday.
  • A Dish Network spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment on T-Mobile’s decision to delay the shutdown.

Between the lines: Dish has complained to state and federal regulators that the T-Mobile shutdown is taking place earlier than expected.

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