Tesla launches “Share by URL” video feature in China

By Gabe Rodriguez Morrison

The latest Tesla app update, version 4.11, includes a new feature to send videos from your phone to your vehicle’s infotainment screen for users in China.

twitter user @42how_ Shared details of the feature and how it works:

42HOW, a Chinese media publisher specializing in electric vehicles, shared a photo of Tesla with instructions on the new “Send to Vehicle” infotainment feature.

The photo, translated from Chinese, reads: “Simple one-click screen projection. Pursue dramas on the big screen for ‘special’ enjoyment. The photo continues, “The Tesla app has been refreshed. Update to V4.11.0 to realize the big screen linkage between mobile phone and machine.

The photo also includes details on how to use the feature:

Step 1: Open the Tesla app, Settings > enable “Read clipboard on launch”

Step 2: Open Tencent/Youku/IIQIYI mobile video > Copy video link

Tri 3: Open the Tesla app, click the “Send to Vehicle” watch in your Tesla.

Hopefully we’ll soon see this feature expand outside of China. A similar “send to” feature currently exists for YouTube and Google Maps, which allows you to share a location or video directly with the Tesla app, which will then send it to your vehicle.

It looks like this new feature is giving users an alternative method of sharing videos with their vehicles. This can be useful when someone shares a URL with you that you would like to play in the vehicle instead of having to open the specific app first.

Tesla is also set to integrate Steam on its infotainment system with a demo coming in August, according to CEO Elon Musk.

By Gabe Rodriguez Morrison

Elon Musk hopes to cut vehicle costs when inflation slows

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said Tesla could start cutting prices for its electric vehicles, which have risen 20-30% over the past two years.

When Musk was asked when we can expect Tesla to lower prices again, Elon said Tesla may lower prices when “inflation subsides.”

One of the biggest complaints about Tesla’s electric cars is their cost. At the end of 2017, Tesla started with the long-range RWD Model 3, and over the next year or two, prices actually went down as Tesla reached volume production and manufacturing efficiency.

However, as we reach 2020, the pandemic has caused supply chain issues and inflation which has negatively impacted the automotive industry as well as the economy in general.

In early 2020, the Tesla Model Y started at $53,000. Today, the same vehicle starts at $66,000, which represents a price increase of 25% in less than two years.

However, these drastic price increases did not affect demand. In fact, recent gasoline price inflation has contributed to a large backlog. Some Tesla models have a 6-10 month lead time on new orders.

Although Tesla has increased its prices over the past two years, its gross margins have also increased. This means that Tesla’s price increases have exceeded their cost increases.

This is because Tesla must set prices based on the cost of vehicles produced 6-10 months from now rather than the cost of vehicles produced today.

In other words, vehicles ordered today are priced based on the cost of vehicles produced (and delivered) 6-10 months from now to account for future cost increases.

With so much uncertainty around the supply chain and inflation, it’s hard for Tesla to predict these costs accurately.

Once these issues are resolved, Tesla hopes to lower their prices. A big part of Tesla’s mission is to lower the prices of electric vehicles to make them accessible to everyone.

By Gabe Rodriguez Morrison

Elon Musk says Tesla is making progress on its Steam integration

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the company is getting closer to integrating Valve’s Steam gaming platform into its in-car game console. This integration would result in a vast array of video games inside Tesla vehicles.

Elon says Tesla is making progress on Steam integration and the automaker is aiming for a demo next month.

Coincidentally, Tesla has its AI Day 2 event scheduled for September 30, which has been pushed back from its original August 19 date. Tesla plans to show off its humanoid robot among other “many exciting updates.” Now might be a good time for Tesla to share its progress on Stream integration as well.

Tesla’s current in-car games add a lot of value to the Tesla ownership experience, but the automaker has bigger plans for games inside its vehicles.

Elon recently said that “entertainment will be key when cars drive themselves,” which he thinks Tesla can achieve later this year.

In addition to Steam integration, Tesla offers in-vehicle video games through “Tesla Arcade”, which could eventually compete with other gaming platforms such as Apple’s AppStore, Playstation Store or the Xbox Marketplace.

The new Model S and Model X feature a new gaming computer capable of 10 teraflops of processing power, enabling in-car gaming on par with today’s latest consoles.

The new game system is integrated and connects to the front and rear screens of Model S and Model X.

Elon also revealed that the new computer has more storage to store more games on the platform. Tesla’s Bluetooth controller compatibility will allow play from any seat.

The website video card compared Tesla’s specs with next-gen consoles, showing that at least in terms of specs, Tesla’s gaming platform in the Model S and X is on par with the latest generation of gaming consoles.

Tesla owners are excited about the potential for integrating Steam into their cars. Although it was an exciting development, according to the Tesla hacker @GreenTheOnlyonly the new Model S and X feature the discrete AMD GPU which provides “next-gen” level graphics.

MCU 3-based Model 3 and Model Y vehicles do not include the discrete GPU, which means some games may be exclusive to the Model S or X.

It’s unclear if Steam integration will be available for MCU 2 vehicles, although Tesla has a habit of making software that supports as many of their cars as possible.

Tesla still occasionally updates its original 2012 Model S vehicles with user interface improvements and new features.

Tesla has previously pushed high-end games such as The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077. We should know more soon.

Model S/X GPU comparison with the latest video game consoles

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