The rarest and most valuable 10 pence coins – do you have one in your pocket?

Some 10ps in circulation are so rare they can be worth as much as £11 to good collectors, and many sell for well over face value on sites like eBay.

Pay attention to coins with unusual patterns – they may be worth more

Even low value coins like 10ps can be worth huge sums of money – and some are priced up to £11.

Most coins in circulation are worth no more than their face value – in this case, 10p.

But some can fetch much more when sold because of their value to collectors.

Rare designs on the back – or “tail” – of the coin can increase its resale value, as can a limited number of coins made or manufacturing errors.

For 10ps, some of the rarest are the ‘A to Z’ range of 2018 and 2019, the sun brings.

As its name suggests, these pieces each have a letter of the alphabet, as well as a design that represents this letter.

Do you have a 10p alphabet? Let us know in the comment section below

The 10ps alphabet has designs celebrating British life – like cups of tea

For example, coin “F” represents fish and chips, while coin “N” celebrates the National Health Service.

In 2018, 220,000 coins of each coin were minted, according to cash experts Change Checker.

But when the coins were reissued in 2019, 20 of them had only 84,000, making them rarer and more valuable.

The remaining five coins of 2019 were printed in runs of 83,000 for Q, 64,000 for R, and 63,000 for W, Y, and Z.

Here are the six rarest 10ps, along with what they sold for this year.

R – £14

This piece has a design representing the robin robin.

This coin depicts the robin, known for its colorful chest and musical song

The coin was the rarest coin on the market in November, according to the latest Change Checker ranking.

Y and Z – £11

Exhibit Y has a yeoman guardian on one side – the famous guardians of the Tower of London.

This coin marks the contribution of the yeoman guardians

Meanwhile, the Z version features another British icon – the zebra crossing.

W- £10

This coin features a design celebrating an invention by Sir Tim Berners-Lee which is the reason you are reading this article – the World Wide Web.

The World Wide Web is celebrated on one of the 10ps

Q and T – £6

The Q coin has an ironic design to mark another great British institution – the queue.

Exhibit T picks up another common feature of British life – tea.

How to know if a coin has value

We have some bad news – most coins are only worth their “face value” – eg 20p for a 20p coin.

But if a coin seems unusual in any way, take a closer look, as that’s the first sign that it might be valuable.

A spokesperson for coin experts Change Checker said: “Any coin that is of particular interest to collectors, perhaps it has a low mintage, a specific error or erroneous minting detail, or its design carries popular theme, may have higher value than others.

It could mean it has a special design on one side or it has an obvious mistake.

Change Checker has a guide this can help you determine if you have a piece that is valuable to a collector or better spent in a store instead.

How to sell a coin of value

If you have a good idea of ​​the value of your coin, one option is to sell it online on auction sites such as eBay.

But if you prefer to leave it to a professional, members of the British Nuismatic Trade Association will be able to help and possibly sell them on your behalf.

“Nuismatics” means “relating to coins or medals”, and you can find a list of these experts heresortable by county to help you find someone near you.

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