The start page allows you to quickly generate a landing page for your business


For a business to be successful in today’s market, having at least some sort of online presence is extremely important. This is especially true for small businesses, which is why people from Amortize have created the start page.

Home Page is a way for small businesses and brands to develop an online presence where their customers can gather and get all the relevant information about the business. Think of it as a landing page for your brand that provides relevant information and links to all aspects of your business.

Take, for example, a hairdresser. As a hairdresser, you may have a start page with important information such as your hours of operation, links to booking software, social accounts, and other relevant information.

The start page is customizable to best suit your brand

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You can also use the page to showcase some of the hairstyles you’ve done in the past, giving your clients a good idea of ​​what to expect. And potential customers might find links to your start page in the bios of all of your social media accounts.

With Buffer’s start page, you can create a customizable landing page that you can use to point your customers in the right direction. While creating your start page, you will be able to create a unique URL that will put your brand name at the foreground of the link.

All kinds of information can be included on your start page, such as social media links, store links, and any other relevant information about your business. And it’s not just a way to connect customers to other platforms.

Home Page is a place where you can showcase the full scope of your business. Whether you are selling a product, service, or anything else, the start page allows you to personalize your page so your customers know what your brand is all about. And maybe the best part about Buffer’s new service is that it’s available for free.

Links in bio pages have been around for a while, but the start page is the first to focus on small businesses and brands. Now more than ever, a social media presence is crucial to the success of a small business. Along with the start page, you can have a bio link in your social media profiles that serves as a landing page for all of your potential customers.

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