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Affiliate Marketing and Myths – Part 2

Affiliate marketing has been around for over 25 years. As a result, untruths, misstatements and myths about it have been scouring the World Wide Web for many years. To dispel these myths, we once again uncover the most common fake news about this performance-based online marketing industry.

Affiliate Marketing Is A Success – Or Is It Just One Of The Myths?

The thing is, affiliate marketing, with its year-over-year growth, is one of the biggest growth engines in digital marketing. In addition, this year we and our competitor networks have seen a double digit growth rate compared to last year. This shows how lucrative affiliate marketing is for your business.

True or false?

1. “Affiliate marketing no longer works without third-party cookies.”

In 2018, many regulations regarding the storage of sensitive user data within the EU changed. Since then, website visitors must be informed and agree to the storage of user-relevant data. This also means changes for setting third-party cookies in an affiliate program, as these are created and stored by external domains.

But what would technical progress be if it did not provide a solution to this problem? These are called first-party cookies, which are created and stored by the visited website. The bottom line: Affiliate marketing still works.

2. “Affiliate marketing is very expensive at first.”

It’s quite the opposite because affiliate marketing costs nothing. Joining an affiliate network is free. Also, no fees are generated when a sale is generated. As a publisher, you earn money as soon as the advertiser’s promoted product is sold (eg CPA). Of course, without additional investments, it will take longer to achieve the desired success. But it is not a MUST.

And the advertiser also does not have high costs when starting an affiliate program, because affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing channel. Therefore, you only pay for the provided target. And at the same time, you get so much more: your publisher’s reach, new customers, brand awareness, more sales, etc.

4. “Retargeting is not necessary.”

Unfortunately, completely wrong. Because what to do with a customer who has spent time on the site but has not made a sale? I hope he will buy at another time? Or simply lose potential sales? NO ; retargeting is the best solution. With this, you can optimally address your potential customers again.

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