Tribeca Festival Launches Podcast Network

Tribeca Enterprises will launch Tribeca Audio, a new podcast network dedicated to curating audio content year-round, in July. Jane Rosenthal made the announcement at the Tribeca Festival on Saturday during a special presentation of Radiotopia’s upcoming “My Mother Made Me” podcast.

Tribeca Audio will launch its flagship series and the first Tribeca Enterprises podcast on July 13. Titled “Tribeca Audio Premieres,” the series will be hosted by Davy Gardner, head of Tribeca Audio and curator of audio storytelling at the Tribeca Festival. The podcast will air every two weeks and will feature the first full episode of a new podcast series followed by interviews with the creators, hosts, performers and musicians behind the program.

The first episode of “Tribeca Audio Premieres” will spotlight “My Mother Made Me,” featuring an interview with host, author Jason Reynolds. The second episode highlights Crooked Media and Audacy’s “Mother Country Radicals,” which was created by playwright and screenwriter Zayd Dohrn and documents his experience growing up with his mother Bernandine Dohn, who was on the list of 10 most fugitives. wanted by the FBI for years. Upcoming episodes will spotlight podcasts from independent creators as well as companies such as Campside Media, QCode, USG Audio and Atypical Artists. Each season of the podcast will conclude with a live episode event at the Tribeca Festival.

“As Tribeca expands its lineup of programming throughout the year, Tribeca Audio will further expand our curatorial footprint in the world of audio storytelling, one of the fastest growing storytelling mediums today,” said Jane Rosenthal, co-founder and CEO of Tribeca Enterprises. in a report. “Through its flagship series, ‘Tribeca Audio Premieres,’ the network will champion the work of today’s top audio artists while connecting their work to new and expanded audiences.”

In addition to “Tribeca Audio Premieres,” Tribeca Audio also has five new series in development: a scripted miniseries, an audio documentary series, a short-lived experimental microcast, and an episodic podcast featuring New York City theater artists. . All work produced from the network will be accompanied by transcriptions for maximum accessibility.

The Tribeca festival ends on Sunday. “Tribeca Audio Premieres” will be available July 13 on Tribeca Audio’s Apple Podcast channel and all podcast apps.

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