Tulsa woman collects donations for Child Abuse Network in honor of her late son

A Tulsa woman plans to donate hundreds of blankets and stuffed animals to the Child Abuse Network in honor of her son, Lincoln.

Lincoln had just celebrated his first birthday when he died suddenly in 2018.

It’s a painful memory for Sydney Meeks, but she hopes her son’s memory can be used to ease the pain of other children.

Lincoln’s death is one of 400 each year nationally attributed to the SUDC.

“Sudden unexplained death in childhood. So that’s a non-answer. There’s no answer as to why he died,” Meeks said.

The first year without Lincoln was tough, but Meeks found a way to turn that pain into something else.

“We decided after surviving the first year that we would do something to remember his birthday. To make it a day we looked forward to, not dreaded. Just to make a difference in his memory,” said Meeks.

This year, she is collecting new blankets and stuffed animals for children seen by the Child Abuse Network.

“Every child the child abuse ring sees comes away with a stuffed animal and a blanket,” she said. “We chose the goal of 377, one for each day of Lincoln’s life.”

A little over half a month later, she is on the right track. Meeks has collected nearly 250 items, hoping to reach 377 by Lincoln’s birthday on September 23.

“Lincoln loved stuffed animals. What kid doesn’t?” she says. “It makes me happy that we are carrying on the Lincoln legacy. People won’t forget, they will remember it and that’s something that makes Mom happy.”

You can donate through the registry links below or by donating in person to the Child Abuse Network at 31st and Sheridan.

You can click here for the Amazon gift list.

You can click here for the target register.

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