Twitter received 158 complaints, operated 604 URLs

Twitter, in its monthly compliance report for India, revealed that it had received a total of 158 complaints, mostly relating to abuse (75), libel (15), hateful behavior (25) and news incorrect (16) for the period from September 26 to October. 25. The company revealed that it took action against a total of 604 URLs.

Additionally, Twitter handled 40 complaints involving account suspensions. Out of the 40 complaints, 6 of the account suspensions were canceled on the basis of the specifics of the situation, but the other accounts remain suspended.

This report complies with the 2021 Information Technology Rules (Intermediate Guidelines and Code of Ethics for Digital Media), which require Twitter to publish a monthly compliance report, which includes details of user complaints through the mechanism. claim and action in India. taken on them, as well as information relating to Twitter’s proactive monitoring efforts under IT rules.

Interestingly, for the period (September-October), complaints handled are 18% lower than complaints handled in the previous period between August 26 and September 25.

In India, Twitter users can report grievances through the grievance mechanism using the contact details available on the Grievance Officer – India page. Twitter does not require users to be registered with the site or have a Twitter user ID to file a complaint.

The social media giant says it does not require users to file a complaint directly from the Tweet or account in question when logged into Twitter, reporting can be done through Twitter’s help center. .

Twitter has also put in place measures to proactively monitor content and report it as containing child pornography (CSAM). This includes media, text, artwork and computer generated images on Twitter feed and indirect messages. Twitter uses the same technology to monitor content related to or promotes terrorist activity and responds in the same manner.

Using CSAM surveillance technology, Twitter has suspended more than 29,939 accounts for non-consensual nudity and child sexual exploitation, and similar content. The company also suspended 4,072 accounts for promoting terrorism.

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