Unity acquires SyncSketch, to create a collaboration with a single URL link

Cross-platform gaming engine Unity has officially announced the acquisition of SyncSketch, a real-time synchronous collaboration tool, which enables creative collaboration with a single URL link.

The SyncSketch real-time synchronous collaboration tool allows users around the world to create on any device anytime, anywhere.

According to Unity, who said the SyncSketch team has officially joined Unity through their official website, maintains:

“Our mission is to make creativity accessible to everyone, everywhere and on any device. We believe that inventing, sharing, understanding and building on amazing ideas should be easy for everyone. That’s why we’re excited to share the news that the SyncSketch team is joining Unity.

SyncSketch, which is comparable to the Parsec remote control platform, allows designers to create and interact from anywhere. Its core business, like that of Weta Digital, is to serve artists.

SyncSketch supports a variety of content formats, including 2D photos and videos, as well as 3D models. Users can rotate 3D assets in real time, change lighting, add notes, and exchange comments.

SyncSketch CTO, Phil Floetotto, is a seasoned engineer and artist with over 16 years of experience developing pipeline tools for large visual effects studios. He created PIXAR’s internal production management platform, which is used to plan, schedule and monitor all studio projects.

Her background as a VFX artist has given her a unique perspective on the creative process, allowing her to develop intuitive solutions that allow creators to fully focus on their work.

Speaking about the collaboration, SyncSketch CEO Bernhard Haux said:

“Unity and SyncSketch have always focused on empowering creators. It’s at the heart of what we do. By combining our technology and our talent, we will continue to define how creators want to work and communicate, from anywhere in the world.

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