URL Announces Murda Mook vs. Geechi Gotti Battle in November

Murda Mook returns to the URL scene in November, taking on three-time Fight Rap Champion of the Year Geechi Gotti.

URL owner and founder Troy “Smack White” Mitchell made the announcement Saturday night (September 24), live on stage during Summer Madness 12.

Fight rap contender Mount Rushmore from Harlem will take on one of the most successful fighters of recent years. The Compton rapper has achieved more in less time than anyone else in the culture and already has wins against legends Loaded Lux ​​and Dizaster in the past 12 months.

Lux ✔️diz ✔️mook ☑️


Murda Mook hasn’t been on URL since his battle with Philadelphia legend Reed Dollaz last year, and fans are thrilled to have him back. Mook has hit the biggest stages against the best opponents and has the weight of experience behind him. He has proven time and time again that he cannot be taken lightly.

However, Geechi Gotti has the momentum for this battle; he fights constantly with barely an error. After revealing that he would soon be taking some time off to focus on his next album Illumigottihe will want to go out with a bang.

The pair face off at the first of two URL events in November. Mook will face Geechi in Atlanta, Georgia on November 5 before the league heads to Arizona for Traffic 5. Watch the announcement below.

The announcement was just one of many surprises of the night which also saw an unexpected one-turn battle between Aye Verb and Hollow Da Don.

Electrifying performances from Shotgun Suge and Tsu Surf saw Summer Madness 12 go No. 1 in the US for most of the event.


Murda Mook vs. Geechi Gotti Live Announcement


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