URL becomes important for stockfeed production

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Sikhulekelani Moyo, business journalist

DIVERSIFIED Food processing company, United Refineries Limited, is moving into the animal feed value chain, which has seen the company introduce a complete three-phase chicken feed product under its new brand of chicken feed. “NutriPro” foods.

The Bulawayo-based factory recently launched new products in the market, such as fortified flour, packaged rice and animal feed, as it expands its domestic and export footprint in line with the focus focused on added value.

United Refineries Limited

These are in addition to the traditional product range which includes cooking oil, bath soap and bar soap.
In an interview, Mr. Xolisani Moyo, Head of Animal Feed Department at URL, said that instead of selling raw soybean meal to other animal feed producers, the company decided to to add value within its factory and to complete its product range.

“At the moment, we are producing chicken concentrate, which is a mixture of vitamins and other elements mixed with soybean meal, and then the farmer has to mash the corn and add it,” he said. declared.

“This product is suitable for small chicken producers. On finisher feed, we have three phase chicken feed for broilers and layers, which are starter, grower and finisher.

“The concentrate has already been on the market for about 10 months now since we launched it, but the finishing feed, we are releasing it this month and we already have stocks.”

Mr. Moyo said URL’s feed production adds great value to the soybean value chain, where the company extracts oil from soybeans and the remaining soybean meal and soybean meal are also added value to produce different kinds of animal feed. from poultry to livestock.

Mr Moyo said the market is responding well to their products and their plan is to introduce a complete livestock feed package based on cattle, goat and pig feed.

He said the Nutripro unit is still in the development phase and the company has already established relationships with distributors so the new product can gain access to customers.

URL’s main production line is cooking oil, and its main inputs are soybeans and cottonseeds. The company also produces flour flour under the Unity brand, wash bar and image bath soap. — @SikhulekelaniM1

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