The Libra season may have just started, but it looks like people are already starting to plan well for the Scorpio season; more precisely, for Duck‘the birthday of. Last night at the Ultimate Rap League flagship event, Smack White announced two upcoming cards, one of which is a special celebration in honor of Champagne Grandpa’s big day.

According to AllHipHop, Houston, Texas saw the biggest rap fight crowd ever seen live, with nearly 3,000 fans heading to the Bayou Music Center.

The first battle was between RealNameBrandon of California and MVP of Missouri. In the end, the first was the one that won over the crowd with his booming vocal projection and undeniably imposing stage presence. The crowd and judges voted unanimously in favor – a great start to the evening for all in attendance.

The other battles last night saw Arsonal and Lu Castro face off, and Eazy The Block Captain and Chess clash, which was arguably one of the most intense and enjoyable performances of the night.

Surf Tsu, John John Da Don, Hollow Da Don and K-Shine all took to the stage to share their lyrics and fight for their W’s before the biggest battle of the night, between Murda Mook and Reed Dollaz.

Sadly, many were disappointed with the event’s lead performers, noting that Mook didn’t appear to be at his best when performing on the big stage.

The last show of the evening came from Calicoe from Detroit and Geechi Gotti from Compton, who managed to wake up the crowds after being disappointed with the previous show.

After the rap stopped for the evening, more news on the “Duck map ”was revealed. On October 30, OVO and URL will come together for “The Greatest Event in the History of Rap Battles” titled “Til Death Do Us Part”.

It has already been confirmed that Gattas and Jaz will compete, along with Tay Roc and Nu Jerzey Twork. Smack White says more announcements will be coming this week, so keep your eyes peeled.

Who would you like to see on the Drake map? Let us know in the comments.