US Bank partners with Mastercard for dual-network fleet card


Some four decades after launching its Voyager card network for fleet operators to control fuel purchases and other driving expenses, US Bank is working with Mastercard on a new fleet card accepted by both networks.

The US Bank Voyager Mastercard targets companies whose fleets could venture beyond US borders to Mexico and Canada, the bank of Minneapolis said in a statement on Tuesday. The Voyager network is accepted at approximately 97% of US gas stations.

The move, marking the first time that the Voyager Corporate Card has been affiliated with another major card network, also offers drivers the ability to make emergency purchases, especially for items other than fuel, from of Mastercard merchants, said Jeff Pape, senior vice president and chief product officer. and marketing for transportation to US Bank, a unit of US Bancorp.

“In cases where drivers need to pay for an emergency towing service, stock up on supplies, or stay at a hotel that is not part of the Voyager network, this card covers those scenarios,” Pape said.

Pape expects most companies to stick with fleet cards that work exclusively on the Voyager network, which helps control spending primarily on fuel purchases and vehicle maintenance visible to managers.

Purchases made on the new dual-network cards will retain the same controls and managers will be able to see Mastercard purchases alongside routine Voyager purchases in a single account view, Pape said.

“Mastercard transactions will go through Mastercard rails to the US bank and be consolidated into a single file exactly like Voyager transactions,” he said.

Mastercard and Voyager have co-developed the solution in recent months. It supports both a physical card and a virtual version of the card, which Voyager provides for vehicle maintenance purchases.

“By partnering with Mastercard, we are increasing the convenience of the Voyager card, and that really matters at a time when it is very difficult to recruit new drivers,” Pape said.

Voyager, which is part of the U.S. bank’s corporate card unit, has seen steady growth in transactions over the past two years, Pape said.

“Fuel prices go up and down, but it is on transaction activity that we are seeing growth, and with the Mastercard option, we expect to capture more and more overall revenue,” he said. declared.

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