Why the .com Domains Rule in Customers’ Minds Says OnlineBusiness.com


Why the .com Domains Rule in Customers’ Minds Says OnlineBusiness.com

OnlineBusiness.com explores a few examples that highlight the continued dominance of dot com and also discusses the future of gTLD extensions.

New York, New York State – Since the invention of the Internet in the early and mid-1990s, dot com domain extension has always been synonymous with the World Wide Web. Categorized as gTLD, a generic top-level domain, which is the last end of a domain name after the period, “.com” form the core group of gTLDs, including .net, .org, and .info. And while new gTLD extensions continue to appear as the internet grows and innovation materializes, dot com is still considered the ideal gTLD for businesses and investors. OnlineBusiness.com explores a few examples that highlight the continued dominance of dot com and also discusses the future of gTLD extensions.

“Having the ability to control and manage a single domain name or brand across multiple extensions is very powerful,” said Anthony Santiago, Marketing Director at OnlineBusiness. “First, your brand is protected from others for such a small investment if you register manually. The .com extension will always command a higher price in the marketplace due to user behavior online. The .com stands for website. Other extensions like .co are a suitable replacement if .com is not available.

One example that OnlineBusiness.com highlights that clearly shows the importance of a dot com domain in today’s digital landscape is Mural. Mural is a company that has tripled its annual recurring revenue in the past year and moved its domain to Mural.com assuming it is paying a high price to acquire it from Grupo Reforma, one of the largest print media companies in Mexico. They were originally known as Mural.ly then switched to Mural.co before finally switching to Mural.com

Mural may have started with the Mural.ly domain to catch up with the trend as the popularity of such “new” gTLDs such as .co, .io and .ly has increased in recent years. However, as can be seen, there came a time when Mural felt it was in its best interests to acquire and rename Mural.com as it continues to grow in terms of branding and revenue. Since acquiring the domain, they have raised an additional $ 50 million in Series C funding this year.

This is not to say that with dot com still averaging 3 out of 4 domains for each gTLD, other gTLDs have not tried to innovate in the market. Since 2011, ICANN, The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, responsible for unifying the Internet, has allowed companies to register their own gTLDs such as .oldnavy and .google. And although some companies are looking to be at the forefront, other companies have reduced their efforts in this area.

Three dot brand TLD experiments stopped it this year, which included a university, an insurance company, and a consumer goods company, and canceled their TLD marks:

  • Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University) (TLD: .rmit)
  • Swiftcover Insurance Services Limited (TLD: .swiftcover)
  • Dabur India Limited (TLD: .dabur)

Due to the saturation of major gTLDs and new TLD trends, as mentioned in a 2018
Wired functionality, the landscape may very well start to change to give more market share to other gTLD extensions within 5 years, but as it stands, .com still holds the greatest value for businesses and organizations looking for a premium domain today.

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