Wow, a “kitchen and cocktail” joint will open in Kenyon


A recent post on the concerned citizens of Kenyon Facebook page sparked enthusiasm. A sign on the old door of Schweich’s / Kenyon Bar and Grill restaurant / bar / hotel indicates that something new will open in November 2021.

The sign on the door simply reads Lacey’s Kitchen and Cocktails – Opening November 2021.

A quick search of Lacey’s Kitchen and Cocktails revealed an online mobile food menu (maybe it’s just a page filling up with online data, not affiliated with the actual restaurant / bar), but there was nothing more than a home page which lists it as a place to eat and the times will be updated soon.

Image Credit: Paul Shea / TSM
Image Credit: Paul Shea / TSM

I also couldn’t find more information about Lacey’s on social media or the World Wide Web.

Lacey’s would take over the building formerly known as Schweich’s, which closed in March 2018 after then-owner Lawrence Schweich told the Kenya leaderr at the time of its closure “due to a continuing decline in her health, which has been a concern for some time, and continuing health issues for her daughter, Leslie Marrinan” who ran the business. You can read more about the closure of Schweich’s here.

After the closure of Schweich, the Kenyon Bar and Grill opened in 2019, only to be closed due to the pandemic in March 2021.

Hoping Lacey’s has a long career in Kenyon as it looks like the area and town would like to have a new place to eat, drink, and generally hang out.

If you know the story behind Lacey, please contact us as we would be happy to share this story with our audience!

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