You can now launch AAA games with one click directly from a Google search

First discovered by Bryant Chapel from The Nerf Report and then demonstrated on Twitter, you can now do a Google search for any game to see if it’s available on one of the popular cloud gaming services that have dominated in recent years. If you find a game’s Knowledge Panel available on Google Stadia or Nvidia GeForce NOW, for example, all you need to do is tap the “Play” button there to instantly launch. on the platform on which it exists.

It looks like the Google search engine has a new update for cloud gaming platforms!!! When searching for a game, players can now launch a game directly from the search results using @GoogleStadia.

Google and its competitors continue to try new methods to reduce friction for new users to adopt their services, and among them, Google has been the most innovative in its attempts. Among more than 100 click-to-play game trials that have become available recently without even needing to register or log in the ability to share web URLs with friends to instantly propel them into the gaming world, this is the leader among the vanguards of the cloud gaming space despite the fact that naysayers love to hate it.

In this latest effort, Stadia isn’t just playing favorites with its own gaming initiative (because that would provide them with another anti-trust lawsuit) and you can click to launch games in Xbox Cloud Gaming and Amazon Luna as well as those aforementioned.

There is no doubt that this process is now integrated directly into Google Search, which is why we recently saw ChromeOS mention a game panel in its launcher, although it hasn’t really taken shape yet. Hopefully it progresses further to include a game cover and a direct “Play” button, just like the search did.

A mockup I made for the ChromeOS Cloud Game Launcher

The best part is that these games and their information are curated by the World Wide Web, so scraping box art and metadata is a task automatically taken care of by Google itself. I hope that in the future, Google will add more cloud gaming features directly into its other apps and services, and continue to think in new ways about how it can innovate where others have simply followed suit. established trends.

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